Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Personal Finance in a Different Way

There are several levels which my blog is going to address as far as personal Finance is Concerned. These are Personal Level, Community Level, and Nation Level. True, we are going more and more towards a global economy, but until we are all using the same currency, these three levels will suffice.
The level in which You and I have the most control over is our personal finance. This is what I will focus on the most. We make decisions every day that affect our personal finance. Not only do we have the most control over this but we also have to use up the most time. Topics involved in personal finance include but are not limited to:
Ability to earn
Saving for Big Ticket Items
Pre - Debt
Side Income
The next level is Community Finance. That is the finances of your city/county and how it is affected by your involvement and your spending. The more money your community has, the more likely there are going to be more members of your community as well as increased opportunity to make money. Topics involved with this are:
Involvement in a Church/Organization
Involvement in City Council
Personal habits in and around your Home
Voting with your Dollars
Participating in Local Events
The last, largest, and least time consuming level is that of our nation. It is true, the wealth of our nation trickles down into our pockets. Our country is in a tremendous amount of debt. If this was not the case, taxes would be lower, thus increasing the money in your pocket. There are other ways that you can help our nation economically. This involve:
Make contact with your Elected Representatives
Vote with your Dollars
Buy US or Buy USed
Be Self sufficient now and when you retire
In my next post I will talk about my personal Financial Position as well as what My goals are. I hope you will join me on our journey to MAKE US RICH.

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